All of that changes around the holidays. Everyone digs out their family recipes for fudge, peanut brittle, and pralines and makes pounds of sugary sweets. The sugar companies absolutely love us.


The thing is that candy can be persnickety. If it’s too humid, too hot, too cold, or you’re not holding your mouth right you can end up with a sticky mess. That’s why I like microwave candies. They are quick, and easy plus every bit as good as the more complex kinds. This peanut butter pretzel bark is so easy that your older elementary kids can make it. You have to have three microwave and oven safe bowls. I used my French Onion Soup bowls — you know, the crockery kind with handles? After you’ve melted the chocolate in the microwave you keep it in a warm oven so that it doesn’t harden up. You don’t want to put a bowl in there and have it explode everywhere. It’s a mess to clean up and more importantly

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